Chilean Pomfret

The Best Grilling Fish In The World

Seatech Chilean pomfret is an amazing fish. The flesh of the fish is very firm, white in color and has a very nice mild flavor. It is packed both skin on and skinless boneless vacuum packed fillets. This fish holds up amazingly well on the grill. I especially like to grill skin on fillets whre the skin helps to naturally maintain more moisture in the fish and enhance it natural fresh from the ocean flavor. The whole fish averages from 8 to 18 inches in length. When processed we removed the fat line that runs along the spine resulting in an upper and lower loin cut from the whole fillet.


Chilean pomfret can be grilled, poached, broiled, fried and just about any other way you can come up with to cook this fish. It is also excellent for ceviche.


Pictured to the side is a whole Chilean pomfret as well as a fillet cooking skin side down and skin side up. The skin is very thin and crisps up  nicely


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A photograph of a whole Chilean pomfret fish.
A photograph of a skin on Chilean pomfret fillet cooking skin side down.
A photograph of a Chilean pomfret fillet cooking skin side up.


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