Chilean Shrimp Scrambled Eggs Recipe

A photograph of Chilean shrimp scrambled eggs with chives.

An Amazing Breakfast


Chilean shrimp meat is the best cold water shrimp meat ever discovered. Found in only a small band of Chile; the flavor, color and texture make it stand out from all other species. Chilean shrimp meat is hand peeled so that even the smallest segment is attached to the tail meat. The hand peeling process means that all the sweet briny flavor remains in the meat. Chilean shrimp meat are a great addition to scrambled eggs. Our naturally sweet, briny shrimp meat pairs perfectly with eggs creating a simple yet elegant dish.




2-3 Eggs per person

2-4 ounces of Seatech Chilean Shrimp per person

1 pat of butter

1 bunch of chives cut in 1/2 inch pieces

Salt & Pepper to taste




Add a pat of butter to a fry pan on medium-high. Whisk eggs in a bowl while butter melts. Cook eggs as you would normally do adding the Seatech Chilean shrimp meat and chives just before eggs become solid to warm through.


Serving Suggestions:


Serve with toast

Serve with hash browns

Serve with sour cream



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