A photograph of live chilean langostino, which a minirature lobster, just removed from a trap.

Chilean Langostino Meat

Langostino Lobster

Packed from fresh cooked langositno, langostino lobster meat is the perfect bite sized seafood. From cold, fresh salads to steaming, creamy bisques and pasta dishes, the Chilean Langostino Meat (Cervimunida Johni and Pleuroncodes Monodon) is flavorful, versatile and attractive. Only the best langostino meat is selected and sold under the Seatech label. Our office in Santiago is constantly working with the packers to assure we receive the highest quality product possible. This gives us a great advantage over others who do not have the same contact with the packers. They are not assured the same quality we demand of our products.


MSC Certification


The Chilean langostino fishery is currently undergoing Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification.


Count: 60-90, 90-110 and 100-200 pieces per pound.


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A photograph of Chilean langostino meat placed in a bowl with shell on langostio placed around the bowl on a plate.


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