Chilean rock crab

National Crab Meat Day

Time to celebrate National Crab Meat Day March 9 every year. What better way to celebrate than pick up some Seatech brand rock crab meat for your favorite crab recipe. You say you don't have a favorite crab meat recipe? Quickly solve this problem by going directly to our crab meat recipe page where I am sure you will find your future favorite. Of course if you already have a favorite please share it.


This has to be the best day of the year for true crab meat lovers. It can be everything crab all day long. Start your day with a crab omelet or crab Benedict. For lunch maybe a crab bisque, crab Louie, crab roll or quesadilla. For dinner there is crab cakes, crab Oscar, crab mac & cheese, crab tacos or crab sliders. Of course there are many more recipes that call for crab as we have just scratched the surface with these few.


If by chance your local supermarket does not sell our convenient once pound crab meat packs offer to give them Seatech's contact information or send us theirs to see if we can get it stocked for you. Of course any day is a great day to celebrate with crab.

A photo of Seatech's one pound rock crab meat pack.



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