A photograph of pacific surf crab that have been captured in a net.

Pacific Surf Crab Meat

Better Than Dungeness Crab

The Pacific Surf Crab is unlike any other crab on the market because of their diet. They feed in crisp clear glacial waters on Machas (Chilean Razor Clams) which gives the meat its special quality of succulence, sweetness, and tenderness. A majority of people that try this crab meat like it better than Dungeness crab meat. Claw and leg meat is layered over the body meat in a one pound vacuum packed tray and flash frozen to maintain freshness.


We invite you to compare the taste and texture of the Pacific Surf Crab Meat with the crab meat traditionally used in favorite recipes. Seatech Pacific Surf Crab Meat will provide an unfailingly superior alternative to more expensive crab meats such as Dungeness..


Pack size: 12X1 Lb.


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