Rock Crab Cocktail Pics


Rock Crab Cocktail Pics

The best rock crab cocktail claw pack where all the shell is removed leaving just one pincher so it is easier to eat.

Item#: 46022115

Count: 12-36/Lb

Pack:   5x5 Lb


The Best Rock Crab Cocktail Claw Pack

Seatech’s rock crab cocktail pics are packed from fresh cooked crab claws and are quickly flash frozen to lock in the natural sweet briny flavor of the sea. Our cocktail pics are all natural with no additives or preservatives.


Serving Suggestions


Serve with cocktail sauce and lemon wedges.

Serve with melted butter.

Great for cioppino.

Great for Seafood boils.


Preparation And Cooking


Cooked ready to eat. Thaw precooked rock crab cocktail pics and server chilled or warmed.


Storage And Food Safety


Keep frozen at or below 0⁰F (-18⁰C) until ready to use. To thaw place in a colander and place in refrigerator below 38⁰F (3⁰C) for 8-10 hours. For a quick thaw put mussel meat in a colander and place under cold running water until thawed.


Certifications & Ratings


Responsibly fished fishery. SERNAPESCA oversees the fishery to maintain sustainability.


Fishery Information


Single line pot caught as well as diver caught.


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