Salmon Tartar Recipe

A photograph of salmon tartar with a sliced cherry tomato and chives.

The Best Salmon Bagel Ever


This is such a delicious and by far the easiest recipe on our website. All you need to do is open an 85g cup of Seatech's Ocean Kitchen salmon tartar, place a plate over top, flip and release the salmon tartar on the plate. Another option is to use our 500g pack and form the salmon tartar in your own forms and plate. Garnish and serve.




4 - 85g Ocean Kitchen salmon tartar

1/4 pound cherry tomatoes

2 oz fresh chives




Open a 85 gram cup of salmon tartar. Place a small plate over the top of the 85 gram cup of salmon tartar where you want it on the plate. Turn salmon tartar and plate upside down to release salmon from the cup. Slice a few cherry tomatoes and place on the plate with chives either whole or sliced. Repeat these steps to plate the other four salmon tartar.


Serving Suggestions:


Instead of plating divide among some nice crackers and top with diced tomatoes and chives.

Top a green salad with the salmon tartar.


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