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Salmon Tartar

A Great Value Added Salmon Product

Our Ocean Kitchen salmon tartar is created from whole premium grade salmon fillets with complete fat line removal. No scrap or trim product is used in the production process. The fillets are cubed into small pieces according to specification, ingredients are blended together, product is vacuum packed and then quickly frozen to seal in the wonderful flavor and texture of the fresh tartar. The high quality standard is difficult to replicate in a restaurant environment with an exact consistency for every serving. With our product comes great convenience along with consistent excellent quality.


During the production process the lemon juice cures the salmon just like a traditional ceviche.


The labor costs of preparation are eliminated. Just thaw and plate or use the tartar as an ingredient in one of your creations. For a new twist use our tartar in your recipes that call for cold smoked salmon.


Serving suggestions:


• Place over diced avocado

• Place over fresh micro greens

• On brochette with capers and truffle oil

• Place over Asian cucumber salad

• With caviar and Creme fraiche

• On Parmesan crisps

• On shrimp chips

• Tartar tower

• Tartar mini tacos

• Salmon eggs Benedict

• Salmon Poke

• Stuffed avocado half with Sriracha mayo and cilantro

• In a Omelet

• Tartar Roulade


Pack Size 25 X 85g and 20 X 500g.



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A photograph of salmon tartar with a sliced cherry tomato and chives in the background.


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